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As a base to better understand the unique preferences of consumer and consumption opportunities, we organize market studies on a periodic basis, such as those concerning our clients from traditional commerce and modern commerce, trial sessions regarding new products, both at the headquarters of the company and in the country and studies on the conduct of consumers, focusing on specific segments and areas.

Thus, we have a unique approach in the development of products, in compliance with the requirements of consumers on quality, taste and weight. We also ensure that the Fox products are always available, visible and at a fair price.

We consolidate the link that we have with our clients and consumers by organizing whenever necessary support campaigns at the brand or product level, both at the sales place and in the media.

FOX products can be found countrywide, being accessible to all Romanians from the country and overseas. We are collaborating with over 10,000 stores both from the traditional commerce and the modern one, fulfilling within maximum 24 hours any order due to the connection through an electronic platform to the necessities of consumers.

We are using the most advanced ERP and SAP system respectively. Due to it, from the introduction of the order into the Palm devices and until the interpretation of the data by the corporate management, the response time has been significantly reduced and this enables the real time operation of the decision-making process.

We render to our consumers the possibility to express their opinions and preferences after getting in touch with our product, all these references representing the base both to improve the current products and to create new products.

In conceptual and execution view, we have a unitary approach countrywide, but also  having regard to the cultural and gastronomic differences, where the case may be. We get involved periodically in supporting local events and activities in compliance with the corporate values.

Performance is synonymous with the effort of being connected to all novelties regarding the development of professional skills and therefore we continuously invest at employee level through training and motivational programs, rewarding performance and disclosing it in the company. We support equality of chances, offering unlimited access to the database necessary for professional training set available for such purpose.

The values of FOX, defining the entire portfolio of the generalist producer FOX (i.e. boiled, raw-dried salami, sausages, wieners, hams and rosy sausages to specialties, pâtés and smoked products), are efficiently promoted and the constant ascending evolution of the business validates the power of a brand built with patience and trust.

After 2009, we paid special attention to the countrywide increase of the brand’s notoriety, supporting the Fox brand in the media, especially TV, broadcasting video clips on the preferred channels of our consumers, according to the considered corporate objectives, the target-public etc. Furthermore, due to the complexity of the market, we also considered other advertising forms, such as fixed banners in areas of maximum interests or mobile ones, by decorating our transport fleet – a real ambassador of the brand – with messages included both in the corporate objectives and the tactical ones, targeting the growth of certain product categories or products within a given period. The Fox messages on wheels manage to cover every month a distance exceeding tens of times the circumference of the Equator. Furthermore, according to the speed by which the consumers react, we shall also use other communication and support channels of the brand.

We have also paid special attention to the involvement in the purchase deed of consumers, enabling them by tasting in all types of stores, to be informed about the latest products developed, according to their preferences.