The technological development firstly targets an environment-friendly approach and the final result is a sum of constant technologic evolutions applied at several levels.

For such purpose, the reduction of the consumed electricity by replacing over 90% of classical lighting with LED-lamps is reflected not only in the lower price of the products due to the reduced power invoices, but also in the reduction of toxic emissions developed by the reduced consumption of electricity from fossil fuel.

Furthermore, the newly-purchased machinery has generally a reduced footprint of polluting emissions into the atmosphere and specifically, emissions of powders in suspension in the atmosphere were completely eliminated by installing an efficient filtering system.

We are permanently interested in and we study the most advanced variants to recover power from the refrigerating facilities.

The cleaning station of waste water successively uses the mechanic and physical-chemical stages before discharging the water in the sewerage of the Bucharest municipality.

Based on the same respect for nature, we are also carefully sorting and recycling wastes, from paper, plastic, glass, wood, household scrap to varied packaging, having concluded with specialized companies specific contracts for each type of recycled waste.

We built a technical base of modern production and it enables not only the manufacturing of a vast product portfolio, practically comprising from boiled, raw-dried salami, sausages, wieners, hams and rosy sausages to specialties and smoked products, but also a friendly reply of our know-how in the relation with the environment, benefiting thus of a double long-term profit.