A successful business is based on the extraction of the maximum possible against a minimum cost. From the purchase of meat to spices, from machines to vehicles, everything is carried out under the sign of efficiency.

We purchase high-quality raw materials directly from the most significant slaughterhouses from Europe and Romania, at the best price, in compliance with the trends on the specialized exchange. We follow the same quality procedures and specifications at the purchase of spices, casings or for everything else needed, in order to finally offer not only qualitative products, but also ones affordable to each consumer.

We invest in efficient machineries, having a minimum consumption and maximum efficacy and we have our own refrigerating transport fleet, all vehicles having a reduced exhaust emission due to the Euro 5 and  Euro 6 engines and the refrigerating aggregates of best quality.

We are distributing countrywide, having business units and warehouses in the main cities of the country and we are exporting worldwide, mainly to Europe. In parallel to supporting the transport capacities, we dispose of a platform to prepare adequate orders.

Practically, from receiving the order and until its delivery in the country, we spend less than 24 hours, while working with 10,000 stores.

A vast business concurrently means the creation of complementary working places at the level of each partner, whereas the multitude of FOX partners validates the mutually beneficial collaboration for the FOX consumers with select tastes.