FOX is one of the largest companies in the meat processing industry from Romania, being on the podium of national cold cuts producers.

By addressing all Romanians, from the country and overseas, FOX covers fresh, high-quality and tasty products from all the significant categories of products, from boiled, raw-dried salami, sausages, wieners, hams and rosy sausage to specialties and smoked products.

After more than two decades of organic growth, from the beginning of the activity in 1992, FOX, having the headquarters in Bucharest, currently reunites more than 1,000 employees, generating several working places related to the main business. We are permanently concerned with the continuous vocational development of the employees, in order to be as competitive as possible in the competitive environment.

Further to ensuring an own national distribution through a logistic platform and 7 distribution warehouses, FOX became the preferred supplier of its clients, coordinating commercial initiatives for more than 10,000 stores.

Being aware of the significance of the impact which industrial production processes have upon the environment, we invested and continue to invest in know-how, state-of-the-art machinery with a low consumption of power and water, thus increasing life quality.

We undertake ambitious but accomplishable objectives, applying 1st rank European standards, processes and procedures, measuring and monitoring the stage of our progress in compliance with the other issues of our activities.

The involvement of FOX in the community is performed on at least two levels: on one side by offering a range of products furthering authentic Romanian tastes and, on the other side, by supporting a specific necessity, by sponsoring certain activities and events.

We, at FOX, have been sharing for more than two decades our commitment, rendering to you, consumers and clients, our passion and skills of making, not cold cuts, but cold cuts for select tastes.