German Fox salad

Auf Wiedersehen, kitchen boredom!

Welcome, simple delight! Fox wieners are incredible, just with mustard or in the classic hot-dog, but why not play a bit more and mix flavors and textures, for an explosion of taste? Have you ever thought about putting them in a salad? Try it at your next lunch or dinner!

– potatoes 600g
– bacon 200g
– Fox wieners 400g
– red onion 200g
– wine vinegar
– oil
– dried dill
– parsley
– flat tbs of sugar
– salt and pepper

How to:
Boil the potatoes without peeling them, and then cut them in little cubes. Boil the wieners, then cut them round. Put the bacon in the pan. Now, put them all in a bowl, next to the cut red onion, dried dill and parsley.