Roasted potatoes with Fox summer salami

How many times did you think of putting the “summer salami” in a hot dish?

Probably not very often until now. But what if we’d tell you we have an amazing recipe in which salami and potatoes get together thanks to delicious melted cheese in a simply charming dish? We’re going to reveal another secret. It’s very easy to cook.

– potatoes 600g
– Fox salami 400g
– cooking sour cream
– 4 eggs
– cheese 200g
– onion 200g
– unt 100g

How to:
Boil thin slices of potatoes, then mix them with the onion you fried in the pan. Do the same with the salami after you slice it in cubes. Add eggs in the whole mix. Oil the tray with butter and put the whole thing in the tray. Add slices of salami on top then scrape cheese over it. Put it in the oven for 30 minutes, at 180 degrees.