Appetite for Fox

The number of clients and consumers of Fox products is continuously increasing. By choosing to enjoy our products, you have enabled us during the last years to become the largest brand of cold cuts in Romania and therefore we thank you. Wishing to reward the granted trust, we – the people from FOX – enriched our product portfolio, so as to be as customized as possible to your requirements. Due to the same reason, we improved our communication platform to which belongs the new Fox webpage, on which you are at this moment.

We hope that the new graphics, which is elegant and better adapted to the values of the brand, will contribute to a closer and quicker dialogue with you, especially that our webpage is for the first time also optimized for the mobile.

Further to the internal contest for the best Fox chef, we awarded prizes for the best recipes you can see here. Our cold cuts are not destined only to a certain consumption opportunity (a simple breakfast or a snack taken on a trip), as they fulfil more than one momentary necessity. Besides being nourishing and rendering the energy you need, Fox products can be an excellent base for sophisticated, tasteful and savoury meals, which shall reunite the entire family at the table. And what other more suitable occasion is there to reunite the family than a wholesome and delicious meal?

Take your time together with your beloved ones and a grain of patience to discover new tastes that shall completely enchant you all! Braided sausages, Fox German salad, the alluring Fox ham rolls, Italian salad and baked potatoes with Fox Summer salami are just some of those that fulfilled the exigencies of a craving jury.

Our delicious products have successfully passed the exigency test – we unanimously deliberated that “they were FOXlicious” and not much time passed until we craved them again, so we invite everybody to try them! Bon appetit!