Sustained investments, harmonious growth

The more than two decades of organic growth materialized in a harmonious development of the company, such covering all significant product categories: from boiled, raw-dried salami, sausages, wieners, varied types of ham and rosy sausage to specialties, seasonal products and smoked products.

We have invested in the company and the people from the very beginning and as of 2009 and up to now, we started an ambitious development program supported by adequate investments, in the total amount of 20 million Euro.

The improvement of employees’ competences was a priority. Furthermore, the structure of investments comprises the extension of production capacities, the adding of a new office building for the administrative staff, new and sophisticated equipment, logistic capacities, warehouses and many others.

Further to the performed investments, we are continuously and organically growing, so that FOX became in time the largest brand of cold cuts from the country regarding the sales volume.