Fox exports

As early as its incorporation, Fox considered the export of its products.

The delivery of the products outside the country has been practically in time pro rata to the organic development of the company.

Starting as of 2009, when a new and ambitious development plan was implemented, Fox also experienced a revival of the export.

“Fox – for select tastes” convinced not only the traditional clients, Romanians working outside the borders, but also the local communities within the areas where the shops were placed.

The “recipe” has been simple: fresh products, constant quality, appreciated taste, availability where our customers are located and of course, the fair price.

The constant increase of orders on export proved an obvious fact: the large family of Fox product consumers is continuously growing and Fox cold cuts are already well-known in Spain, Italy, France, England, Germany, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus etc.

With every satisfied customer in the country and overseas, we gained not only a friend, but one with select tastes.